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9th-12th June

We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.

The student foodie trip

Amsterfeast is the largest student food trip. We will take you wine and cheese tasting at one of Holland's oldest tasting rooms, a self-guided tour of the city's brown cafes before visiting Amsterdam's bars on guided bar crawl, and give you plenty of time to explore the city's food scene. All while meeting foodies from other universities.

Fine cheese tasting

Every ticket includes a fine cheese tasting at Reypenaer, one of Amsterdam's oldest cheese houses. Over 60 minutes you will try 6 different cheese, each expertly paired with white wine, red wine and port.

Hang out with lovers of food and drink

The best times are shared over a meal. On Amsterfeast you will meet likeminded students that love the best food and drink on offer. We will show you the best places to visit so that every meal is an awesome one.

More than just coffee

Amsterdam is home to cafes and coffeeshops. One of those is not like the other. Whether you just want to admire liberal attitudes or join a once in a lifetime experience, Amsterfeast is the right place to be. We will even tell you the best place to buy brownies.

Vegan and dietary friendly

Every guest will get a feasting experience without missing out because of dietary choices. Our team are running a vegan cheese and wine tasting, with great cheeses sourced from around Europe, and unlimited wine.

The same applies to any dietary or allergy requirements, but please give us prior notice if you fall into this later category.

Return executive coach transfers
City centre hostel
Free breakfast (x2)
Expert and knowledgable reps
Amsterfeast bar crawl
Cheese tasting experience
Self-guided food tours
Vegan wine and cheese tasting

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We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.


Pack your bags, grab a pillow, and chill out in Central London. Once you've had an action packed day, come and meet our executive coach in the city. We will depart in the evening and travel overnight via the Dover Crossing.


We pull up at 8am, in time for the city to come to life. You will have a moment to drop your bags at our city centre hostel, and then the city is yours to explore. We suggest checking out the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum (both a 5 minute walk from the hostel). In the evening, take yourself on one of our self-guided food crawls, before meeting us for the famous Amsterfeast bar crawl.


Wake up refreshed and head to your free hostel breakfast. Check out some more of Amsterdam's sights, before joining us in the early afternoon for our cheese and wine tasting at one of Holland's finest and oldest cheesemakers. You will have an hour of unlimited cheese and free white wine, red wine and port. Afterwards, we suggest washing it down with a slice of Apple Pie at nearby Winkel 43 - arguably Amsterdam's best Apple Pie joint (although hotly contested).


Wake up early, scoff down the free breakfast and head out for some last minute sight seeing and shopping. We leave Amsterdam in the early afternoon, getting you back to London for 9pm.


The Hans Brinker

Our favourite hostel became famous in the 90s when it decided to advertise itself as The World's Worst Hotel. Fortunately it has got better, with clean rooms, en-suite bathrooms, max room sizes of 8 guests, and a trendy crowd of student visitors and backpackers.

The Basement

Beneath our favourite hostel is our favourite bar and nightclub. You won't be able to hear a peep in your room, but if you feel like a late night drink you can walk down some mysterious staircases to the late-night super-awesome nightclub, exclusively for Hansbrinker residents.

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Secure your place with
a £40 deposit

We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.